Irish Women’s Lobby
March 2021
Speak up for Women’s Rights
Forum Jämställdhet
February 2022
Women, Cunt, Bitches: Breaking Free From Man-Made Language
Radical Girlsss
April 2020
Pornography as staged prostitution
Campaign Against Sex Robots
July 2020
Prostitution and Sex Doll Brothels
Mujeres Por la Abolicion
May 2020
Young Women Against Pornography
Osez le Féminisme
Juillet 2020
La pornographie “féministe”: une alternative envisageable?
FiLiA Conference 2019
October 2019
Generation Feminist
International Coalition for the Abolition of Surrogate Motherhood (ICAMS)
March 2021
Dissociation as a metaphor for women’s condition

Women’s Liberation Front
September 2020
How the Sex Industry Dehumanizes Women and Incites Male Violence, European Perspectives
Feminists in Struggle
April 2021
Spinning and Weaving book launch
The Left ‘Feminist Forum’
March 2022
Ce que la “GPA” réglemente véritablement