I was interviewed by the mythical Julie Bindel to tell her about my investigation on the not-so-ethical clinical trials conducted on prostituted women and girls.

The second part was much more interesting (and at a nicer café with proper tomato juice) as I went through the theoretical defence for the abolition of prostitution but it has not been broadcast.

#157 FiLiA Podcast
Women Unsilenced: Feminists Speak Out Against Torture
Interview with Linda MacDonald and Jeanne Sarson
Sous nos yeux

Podcast de la Fondation Scelles. Episode sur les robots masturbatoires.

FiLiA podcast

Interview with Sheila Jeffreys on her autobiography Trigger Warning: My Lesbian Feminist Life.

#190 A Revindication of Middle-Aged Women with Victoria Smith, author of ‘HAGS’ FiLiA

Feminist author Victoria Smith discusses her first book, ‘Hags’, about the demonisation of middle-aged women with FiLiA Spokeswoman Raquel Rosario Sánchez. Smith discusses the experiences which raised her awareness to the way middle-aged women are invisibilised and dismissed under patriarchy around the world, as well her understanding of the tropes designed to further vilify this cohort of women. A thoughtful thinker and compassionate writer, this book represents an enraging call to action for everyone, to revindicate our past and create a better future for all women, throughout middle-age and beyond.Victoria Smith is a writer and creator of the Glosswitch newsletter. She has been a regular contributor to the New Statesman and the Independent, focussing on women’s issues, parenting and mental health. She has also written for Mumsnet, featured on panels at their Blogfest, and has made appearances on Woman’s Hour to discuss female body image. Her newsletter The OK Karen, focused on midlife women’s experiences of feminism, was launched in 2020, and she is particularly interested in how experiences of power and misogyny change as we age.Originally from Cumbria, she now lives in Cheltenham with her family. She is working towards achieving full venerable crone status before she hits fifty.You can follow Victoria Smith's commentary on Twitter and read her regular insights on women’s rights at The Critic. You can purchase Hags from most bookstores, and you can easily find it at our FiLiA Feminist Library.
  1. #190 A Revindication of Middle-Aged Women with Victoria Smith, author of ‘HAGS’
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